4 Helpful Ways to Fight Stress

Here are four ways to battle stress for better mental well-being and a healthier body.

Make Time for Relationships
During stressful times, you may feel the urge to step back and avoid socializing. However, this is the time reaching out to the people you love means the most. It is especially important to stay connected during the pandemic.

Your social support system can help you cope with life problems by improving your self-esteem. Take some time for a video-chat date with a friend, attend an online gathering or give a family member a call.

Silence Negative Self-Talk
Choose to look at stressful situations in a positive light. Replace negative thoughts, such as “Nothing is going how I planned,” with positive thoughts, such as “It’s fine that things went differently than planned. I can handle it.” Finding the right therapist can help you cope during difficult times and teach you helpful techniques for combatting negative thoughts.

Sing it Out
No matter if you can carry a tune or not, some studies have linked singing and listening to music to lower levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone,” and decreased feelings of stress.

Go for a Walk
Never underestimate the power of a stroll through nature. Research shows that a 90-minute walk outdoors can reduce activity in the brain linked to repetitive negative thoughts. It is also a great way to sneak some physical activity into your day!

Yes, finding ways to boost your immune system is not rocket science.

It’s more of an effort to avoid the unhealthy habits that would avoid the key parts of your immune defense from working as effectively as they can.Especially in these challenging times, our body deserves all the help it can get to stay alert to harmful microbes and always ready to fight them with all it has.

Even if it sometimes seems that the world around you is collapsing, work on staying positive, cooking healthy and nutritious meals and getting off the couch often enough. Because as you can see, the simplest solutions can sometimes get you the furthest.