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I have loved this course!

The opportunity to learn about this and know that I can prevent premature aging and live healthier is priceless.

Thank you again.

Thanks for everything! This was my first on-line course and I felt it was a tremendous learning experience for me that will impact my health in years to come.

I enjoyed every aspect of the course.  I have grown so much from this class and I can’t wait to take the next one.

Thank you Yifat for this great course.

I really enjoyed the courses that the center has and already felt the change it did in me. It built confidence to know that I can take care of my health and impact the way I age to enjoy a happier life.

I look forward to taking another course in the future. Thanks Yifat for this wonderful on-line opportunity.

I have always enjoyed learning from online courses. I find that the courses that the Center For Ageing Young provides are always properly paced for the adult learner (who has other responsibilities in his/her life other than being a student!).

I would definitely like to continue to taking more courses to keep learning ways to grow old healthier and happier.

I will keep checking for relevant courses as the years progress.